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What should you know about a divorce?


Divorce is an emotional experience, often liberating and devastating at the same time. Families face many changes during and following a divorce. You have many questions you need answered. It is crucial to have an attorney who can help you see through the emotion, and give you straightforward advice, which is practical, professional, and tactical.

For 34 years, the Law Firm of Kenneth D. Morse in Orlando Florida has represented men and women in divorce proceedings. Lawyer Kenneth Morse counsels individuals concerning their children, property rights, alimony, child support and future life plans. He will provide you with an experienced, professional, and objective evaluation of your divorce, and represent you throughout all the proceedings.

The Divorce Process

A divorce is often a complicated and frightening process. Your future is at stake. Emotions run high. You need immediate answers to your pressing legal questions and a lawyer who will take the time to know the facts and review your family's history, finances, businesses, investments, standard of living, children, health, and education. You need an attorney to strive to achieve your goals. For more information, visit our practice center on divorce.

Our firm handles all aspects of divorce proceedings and other family law litigation.

  • How much child supportcan I expect to receive or pay?
  • How much alimony are you entitled to receive or obligated to pay?
  • What effect will a divorce have on your business and investment portfolio?
  • How will your divorce affect custody of your child?
  • How do you begin, or defend against, a modification of an original court divorce decree?
  • How can you force your ex-spouse to pay child support or spousal support or hold them in contempt of court for not abiding by the divorce decree?

Businesses and Investment Holdings During Divorce

Business owners and investors have a lot at stake during a divorce. Given the complicated financing arrangements and business agreements associated with your business, you need a divorce attorney who understands business law. Our firm handles the valuation and recommended distribution of business properties, stock holdings, investments, and rental properties.

If you have questions about your divorce and want the advice of an experienced attorney, contact Kenneth D. Morse today. Our firm represents families throughout Central Florida including Orlando, Windermere, Kissimmee, Celebration, Sanford, Lake Mary, Daytona Beach, Tavares, Clearwater, and Melbourne.

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